Even though in the past 30 years, Beyond Design-Basis Event (BDBE) Design for nuclear power plant (NPP) has been considering as one of the design commitment for the safety and function goals, often time a compromise inevitably take the place when conduct the detail engineering design. There is several reasons lead to this situation: (1) the lacking of thorough investigation and research on this subject, (2) the need for clarity and recommendations from industrial code and standard practice, (3) the need for clearer and specific regulation and regulatory requirements, (4) the consideration of economy.

By understanding the above situations, this paper is contributed to investigate the determination of Beyond Design Basis Seismic (BDBS) design for new NPPs in current timeframe. Due to the complexity of this new emerging subject, this paper, as the carrier of preliminary (phase 1) results, is attempting to summarize the authors’ latest research progress from technical and design practice point of view.

The preliminary research on BDBE determination is focusing on the investigation of the applicability of PSHA method on this subject. Following aspects are considered in this phase 1 report:

• The definition of BDBE from current nuclear power engineering perspectives.

• The discussion of the applicability of PSHA on BDBE determination.

• Suggested procedures for BDBE determination etc.

• The recommendation of approaches for SSC modeling and analysis under BDBE.

This paper will also cover some topics on the design criteria for beyond design basis earthquake loading conditions. A more detailed discussion on beyond design basis loading’s combinations and design criteria will be investigated in the phase 2 report of this research.

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