COre and System INtegrated Engine for design and analysis (COSINE) is developed by State Nuclear Power Software Development Center (SNPSDC), which is an integrated nuclear engineering code package. A lattice physics code named COSLATC is an essential part included in COSINE. COSLATC is a multi-group two-dimensional transport code. Pin cells and assemblies of Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) can be calculated by COSLATC. It is used to calculate few group constants and nuclei densities for core simulator.

In order to make sure the quality of the COSLATC, a strategy of verification & validation (V&V) are discussed and applied to the COSLATC. Firstly a V&V requirement analysis is performed. A test matrix considering the variety of fuel enrichments, materials, geometric and working conditions is generated. Then the corresponding benchmark is collected and classified. Finally, the numerical results of COSLATC and the reference values are compared and analyzed. According to the validation strategy discussed above, the preliminary validation is carried out.

The benchmark provides consistent and comprehensive tests for high burnup (approx. 70GWd/t) fuels of PWR. By comparison with k-infinity and isotopic composition in the UO2 and MOX fuels pin cell problems or assembly problems benchmark, the result shows that the calculated results from COSLATC code agree well with reference results. COSLATC will be an important lattice calculation code in the scientific calculation and engineering application.

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