Aqueous Homogeneous Reactor demonstrated in this analysis uses Uranyl Nitrate water solution as fuel; for the use of medical isotope producing, AHR has many advantages like small size, low power, passive safety, low output of nuclear waste, etc. Liquid fuel and radiolytic gas bubbles lead to big negative feedback features and fuel fluctuation; these may result in transient excursion, which is extremely important and could affect the operation stability and design of AHRs. For the analysis of transient characteristic of AHR, we developed this transient physics procedure of AHR, it uses improved quasi-static approximation and is based on Multi-group Monte Carlo method, which could consider spatial effects onto transient behavior and has powerful geometry processing ability; both physical model and preliminary validation results will be presented in this article. This procedure applies as an analyzing tool for AHR’s transient behavior; characteristics of AHR in typical transient process are also presented in the article.

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