The High Flux Engineering Test Reactor (HFETR) is loaded with complex geometry assemblies, taking on strong heterogeneity. These features call for more advanced core analysis and fuel management methodologies compared with traditional PWR. Based on the two-step method, a fuel management simulation platform HEFT was developed, which is a 3-D core fuel management transport calculation program of HFETR. In HEFT, the lattice code HEFT-lat has the abilitiesto describe complex assembly geometriesof HFETR, whereby mitigate errors brought by geometrical approximations.DNTR, a triangular mesh nodal SN method code, is employed to solve the transport equation. This paper introduces the development backgrounds of HEFT, introduces the principle and function of the three main modules of HEFT, that is HEFT-lat?HEFT-core and HEFT-int, the calculation method of lattice parameter and reactor loop calculation method are described. By follow-up calculation of 81-I to 89-II of HFETR core and comparison of intial critical keff, the control rod position during shutting down and the neutron flux, thus obtains the calculation deviation. The result shows the validity of the HEFT code, the lattice and reactor core calculation model. Thus, HEFT has already successfully applied to the fuel management calculation of HFETR.

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