A way to generate the few-group cross sections for fast reactor calculation is presented in this paper. It is based on the three steps computational scheme. In the first step, the ultrafine method is used to solve the slowing down equation based on the ultrafine group cross section generated by NJOY. Optional 0D or 1D calculation is used to collapse energy group into broad energy groups. In the second step, the 2D RZ calculation using SN method is performed to obtain the space dependent neutron spectra to collapse broad energy groups into few groups. The anisotropic scattering is well handled by the direct SN calculation. Finally, the full core calculation is performed by using the 3D SN nodal method. The results are compared with continuous energy Monte-Carlo calculation. Both the cross section generated in the first step and the final keff in the last step are compared. The results match well between the three steps calculation and Monte-Carlo calculation.

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