A procedure for Electron Beam Welding (EBW) was developed for the manufacturing of a follower fuel assembly made of an AA 6061-T6 aluminum straps for a U-Mo plate-type fuel proposed to be used in the future in Korea’s Kijang Research Reactor (KJRR) project. The initial welding trials of the weld samples were carried out with a high vacuum chamber using the EBW process. After investigating the welds, EB welding parameters for the full-sized samples were optimized for the required depth of penetration and weld quality. Subsequently, the weld samples made by the filler specimens showed higher shearing strengths than those of the non-filler specimens. This procedure made by EBW process was also confirmed based on the results of the shearing strength test, an examination of the macro-cross sections, and the fracture surfaces of the welded specimens.

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