The reactor vessel head region consists of a number of components and systems including reactor vessel head, CEDMs with their cables, cooling air system with ducts and fans, missile shield, seismic supports, head lift rig and cable supports. Prior to refueling operation, those components must be dismantled separately, and moved to the designated storage area. It was a very complicated and time consuming process. As a result, the integrated head assembly (IHA) was introduced to simplify those disassembling procedures, reduce refueling outage period, and improve safety in the containment building as those components are combined into a single system.

To reduce refueling outage duration and radiation exposures to the workers by integrating the complicated reactor head region structures, KEPCO E&C has developed the IHA concept in the Korean Next Generation Reactor (KNGR) project [1]. The first application was implemented for the Optimized Power Reactor 1000 (OPR1000) at Shin-Kori units 1&2 and Shin-Wolsong units 1&2. With the past experience, the IHA was upgraded to be applied to the Advanced Power Reactor 1400 (APR1400). The design was patented in Korea [2], China, EU and the USA as modular reactor head area assembly. The IHA was applied for APR1400 nuclear power plants at Shin-Kori and Shin-Hanul, Korea. The design was also supplied to Barakah Nuclear Power Plants in the United Arab Emirates. This paper presents the design features and a variety of analysis which have been used for the APR1400 IHA.

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