Based on the information provided by the operators, IRSN experts select and analyze different deviations presenting a possible generic nature which could affect the safety of power plants. Some of these deviations result in non-compliance (NC) with the safety requirements.

To maintain an acceptable level of safety, an operator has to implement corrective measures for any situation of non-compliance with safety requirements. IRSN, the Technical Support Organization of the French Nuclear Authority, analyzes the different deviations to assess the impacts on the concerned NPPs safety. Based on the impact on safety, measures should be applied immediately or during the next outages, on a reactor or on several of them. The permanent corrective measures schedule is defined taking into account the “NC” safety impact. However, for some of the “NCs”, it can be difficult to define and implement swift permanent corrective measures, especially when the lack of compliance affects several similar units and requires a design change.

This paper explains the French approach of deviations treatment and specifically the relationship between the Nuclear Safety Authority, the Technical Support Organization, IRSN and the Licensee, EDF during an outage.

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