The fusion-fission hybrid conceptual reactor is a proposed means of generating power, which adopts a water cooled fission blanket based on ITER. Due to the water cooled fission blanket, safety performance of the hybrid reactor should be considered, including decay heat remove, core uncovered, core meltdown, core degradation, radioactivity releases, etc., similar with the PWRs. The main goal of this work is to develop the fission blanket model by using MELCOR code, and to evaluate the safety performance under severe accidents preliminarily.

Based on MELCOR 1.8.5, some modification is made for the severe accident analysis of fission blanket. Using modified MELCOR code, an analysis model is developed for the fission blanket and the cooling loop. The strategy of the In-Vessel Retention (IVR) using the ex-vessel cooling method is evaluated during a large break LOCA. The calculation results describes the main phenomena during the severe accident progression, including core dry out, meltdown, relocation, etc.. Simulation result is shown that the decay heat in the fission zone can be removed out by the ex-vessel cooling system merely, and the fuel max temperature will not reach the melting point.

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