It is necessary to stabilize high temperature molten core in a severe accident for long time without electrical power. The core-catcher is to be installed at the bottom of the lower drywell in order to settle the molten core flowing down from a reactor vessel.

Toshiba’s core-catcher system consists of a round basin made up of inclined cooling channels to get natural circulation of the flooding water. So it can cover all pedestal floor and can work in passive manner.

We have been confirming an applicability of the core-catcher to actual plants. We have conducted full scaled tests with a unique cooling channel which has inclined rectangular flow section and changing the section area along flow direction in several conditions to evaluate the influence of the parameters on the natural circulation and heat removal capability. The test results showed good heat removal performance with nucleate boiling.

However, we should consider a transformation of the cooling channel, for example, by the falling corium. So we calculate the assumed transformation of the cooling channel and conduct natural circulation tests with obstruction in the cooling channel. We confirm that natural circulation flow is stably continues and the cooling channel can remove prescribed heat, even if a flow area have got narrow locally.

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