In this study, validations of Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes Simulation (RANS) based on Kenjeres & Hanjalic MHD turbulence model (Int. J. Heat & Fluid Flow, 21, 2000) coupled with the low-Reynolds number k-epsilon model have been conducted with the usage of Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) database.

DNS database of turbulent channel flow imposed wall-normal magnetic field on, are established in condition of bulk Reynolds number 40000, Hartmann number 24, and Prandtl number 5.

As the results, the Nagano & Shimada model (Trans. JSME series B. 59, 1993) coupled with Kenjeres & Hanjalic MHD turbulence model has the better availability compared with Myong & Kasagi model (Int. Fluid Eng, 109, 1990) in estimation of the heat transfer degradation in MHD turbulent heat transfer.

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