In line with the cooperative project “Non-invasive Condition Monitoring of Nuclear Reactors for the Detection of Level Change and Deformation of the Core” between the Technical University Dresden and the Institute of Process Technology, Process Automation and Measuring Technology (IPM) of Zittau/Goerlitz University of Applied Sciences, a measuring system for the core state diagnosis during a core melt accident in the reactor pressure vessel of a pressurized water reactor is going to be developed. The operational principle of this system is based on the non-invasive measurement of continuously changing gamma radiations (caused by the shifting of melted materials and fission products) outside of the reactor pressure vessel by means of several gamma radiation sensors. The sensors are arranged over the height of the core and the lower head. By using computer based and real-time capable methods for evaluation of the measured gamma radiations conclusions about the core state can subsequently be drawn. This paper includes a description of a concept as well as several methods for the core state diagnosis during a core melt accident. The main part is the analysis of the methods for the core state diagnosis based on different evaluation criteria.

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