PRHR system for low temperature and low pressure pool-type LWR, AHR400 is designed by two-phase closed thermosyphon and experimental validation is conducted. AHR400 is dedicated only to heat generation used in seawater desalination and operation temperature and pressure. LBLOCA is not considered as DBA due to no pipeline in primary system. There are LOHS and SBO for DBAs and PRHR system reduces damage during DBAs. Design of the PRHR system follows Direct Reactor Auxiliary Cooling System (DRACS) type. Two-phase closed thermosyphon, which uses phase change of working fluid, is applied to the PRHR system and the heat transfer in thermosyphon are analyzed by thermal resistance calculation model. Experimental thermosyphon that has similar thermal condition with the thermosyphon in designed PRHR system was explored for validation. The results show that the evaporation model overestimates heat transfer rate on the evaporator region.

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