In ADS reactor which choose LBE (Lead-Bismuth Eutectic) as coolant and spallation target. While SGTR (Steam Generator Tube Rupture) accident occur, water in secondary side will inject to LBE in primary coolant, and flow with LBE. The code of FLUENT will be used, steam is looked as particle, and standard k-ε model is used to predict turbulence variation of continuous phase in core. The DPM (Discrete Phase Model) will be used to track the trajectory of the particles. The distribution of steam in core will be obtained, which will verify the safety of reactor. The results show that the steam flowing across the core with LBE, might accumulate in some position and cause a surge of power. At the same time, the aggregation of steam at the channel might lead to a steam plug, and hinder the flow of the coolant in core, then core overheating might occur. Last but not least, local accumulation of water vapor may accelerate the corrosion of stainless steel material in core.

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