Pyroprocess technology has been considered as a fuel cycle option to solve the spent fuel accumulation problems in Korea. The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute has been studying pyroprocess technology, and the conceptual design of an engineering-scale pyroprocess facility, called the Engineering-Scale Pyroprocss Facility (ESPF), has been performed on the basis of a 10tHM throughput per year. In this paper, the concept of the ESPF was introduced and its safety requirements for the protection of facility workers, collocated workers, the off-site public, and the environment were introduced. For the identification of safety SSCs (Structures, Systems, and Components) and/or ACs (Administrative Controls), the following activities were conducted: 1) identifying hazards associated with operations, 2) identifying potential events associated with these hazards, and 3) identifying the potential preventive and/or mitigative controls that reduce the risk associated with these accident events. This study will be used to perform a safety evaluation for accidents involving any of the hazards identified, and to establish safety design policies and advance a more definite safety design.

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