Decommissioning of aged nuclear reactors is planned, and cutting technologies for thick structure are necessary to reduce storage space of radioactive wastes. Though thermal cutting technology is suitable for cutting thick materials, radioactive fume is one of the problems due to increase the environmental dose. A water jet-guided laser cutting technology is one of the solutions for cutting irradiated materials, because radioactive fume is confined in the water and doze level won’t be increased. However, this technology was developed for precision machining like dicing and slotting of silicon wafers, cutting thick materials by using this process is very diffcult. In this study, cutting technology for thick material with a water jet-guided laser was discussed. Phenomenon during cutting thick stainless steel was observed by using high speed camera and optimum conditions for both water jet and laser cutting were derived. Finally, 50mm thick stainless steel plate was successfully cut by using this technology.

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