This paper presents a general approach to evaluate the risk of trip or Loss of Off-site Power (LOOP) events in nuclear power plants due to contingencies in the power grid. The proposed methodology is based on the Zone of Vulnerability concept for nuclear plants introduced by EPRI in previous work. The proposed methodology is intended to be part of an integrated probabilistic risk assessment tool that is being developed under ongoing EPRI R&D programs. A detailed analysis of many events occurred in actual nuclear plants has been performed in order to identify, classify and characterize the various vulnerability and type of failures that may affect a nuclear plant. Based the outcome of that analysis, a methodology for evaluating the impact of off-site transmission system events on nuclear plants has been outlined. It includes description of the type of contingencies and conditions that need to be included in the analysis, as well as provisions regarding the simulation tools and models that should be used in each case. The methodology is illustrated in a simplified representation of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) system in the U.S.

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