This research is focused on the Large Break Loss of Coolant Accident (LBLOCA) analysis of the Maanshan power plant by TRACE-DAKOTA code. In the acceptance criteria for Loss of Coolant Accidents (LOCAs), there are two accepted analysis methods: conservative methodology and best estimate methodology. Compared with conservative methodology, the best estimate and realistic input data with uncertainties to quantify the limiting values i.e., Peak Cladding Temperature (PCT) for LOCAs analysis. By the conservative methodology, the PCTCM (PCT calculated by conservative methodology) of Maanshan power plant LBLOCA calculated is 1422K. On the other hand, there are six key parameters taken into account in the uncertainty analysis in this study. In PCT95/95 (PCT of 95/95 confidence level and probability) calculation, the PCT95/95 is 1369K lower than the PCTCM (1422K). In addition, the partial rank correlation coefficients between input parameters and PCT indicate that accumulator pressure is the most sensitive parameter in this study.

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