PSA specialists in ÚJV Řež, a. s. maintain a Living Probabilistic Safety Assessment (Living PSA) program for Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), a four-unit VVER-440 plant type, which is operated in the Czech Republic. This project has been established as a broad framework for all plant activities related to risk assessment and as a support for risk-informed decision making carried out at this plant. In addition to recommendations for design and operation measures in order to increase the plant safety, it provides a basis and platform for all PSA applications at Dukovany NPP.

The Living PSA model for Dukovany NPP is an integrated model representing the complete scope of Level 1 and Level 2 PSA for all plant operational modes. It produces the unit specific outputs for any Dukovany NPP unit. The RiskSpectrum® PSA software has been used for development and quantification of the PSA model. It is continuously updated and extensively used for various PSA applications at Dukovany NPP (e.g. risk monitoring, evaluation of plant Technical Specification changes, support for procedure development and training process, event analysis, etc.).

The paper focuses on the important features of the Living PSA project for Dukovany NPP. It also discusses the broad experience gained during model development and update as well as possible future enhancements.

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