Within the framework of the French Sodium Fast Reactor (SFR) prototype called ASTRID (Advance Sodium Technological Reactor for Industrial Demonstration), an application of Large capacity Electro-Magnetic Pumps (LEMP) is considered as a main concept of the circulating pump on intermediate sodium circuits. The use of LEMP has several merits in the design of reactor, operation, and maintenance. Furthermore, high efficiency is acquired when heat-resistant coil insulation is used for this LEMP. Nevertheless, some theoretical and technological developments have to be carried out in order to validate the design tools by taking into account Magneto Hydro Dynamic (MHD) phenomena and the applicability of the LEMP to ASTRID steady state and transient operating conditions. In this aim, a collaboration agreement between the CEA and TOSHIBA Corporation came into force in April 2012 to carry out a joint work program on the ASTRID EMP design and development. This paper describes the dedicated design studies and experimental activities for the LEMP development within the framework of the CEA-TOSHIBA collaboration.

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