Departure from nucleate boiling (DNB) type critical heat flux (CHF) is one of most important thermal criteria for nuclear reactor design. Concerning on the typical chopper-cosine heat flux profile at reactor core, it is of great significance to predict the CHF under non-uniform heating conditions for reactor design and the performance promotion of reactor system. Some correction factors are proposed for the prediction of CHF with non-uniform axial power shapes. In this study, a mechanistic DNB-type CHF model has been developed on the basis of liquid sublayer dryout mechanism. The non-uniform axial heat flux is taken into account of upstream memory effect on boiling crisis in this model. The predictions of present model and Tong’s non-uniform heat flux shape factor method are compared with the experimental results in the vertical tube with chopper-cosine axial heat flux distributions. The comparison results show the present model has fairly good prediction capability for DNB-type CHF under non-uniform heating condition.

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