Light water reactor could have fast neutron spectrum with high conversion ratio nearly equal unity by using tight lattice fuel assembly with wire spacer. There were some previous about critical heat flux for tight lattice but it were not focused on small range of qualities and also not directly using water as a coolant. We experimentally simulated vertical single fuel rod geometry with and without a wire spacer by using an electrically heated stainless steel rod. The rod is cooled by single or two-phase water in vertical up flow (from the bottom to the top) depending on the electrical input. We determined the critical heat flux for this system by varying the inlet temperature from 333 to 373 K and mass fluxes from 205 to 410 kg/m2s. The result show the critical heat flux (CHF) data in two phase flow condition base on inlet and outlet condition in both case of heater pin with and without wire. The CHF values were higher with wire than without wire due to the effect of wire and spiral flow.

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