Lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) cooled fast reactor, one of the six types of reactors in Gen-IV, has very good inherent safety and significant advantages in reducing and burning nuclear wastes, enhancing economy. Also LBE cooled accelerator driven system (ADS) has been a very innovative and potential waste burner. COBRA-EN is a mature, stable and widely-used sub-channel analysis code for light water cooled reactor but it couldn’t be applied in Pb-Bi-cooled reactor directly. Some modifications were made for COBRA-EN in the present work, then the code was named COBRA-PB and was suitable for the sub-channel analysis of Pb-Bi-cooled reactor. The modified code was verified and validated with CFX and experimental results. There was a good agreement between the two results. Then sub-channel analysis of Pb-Bi-cooled reactor was done with the modified code.

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