At present, research on the reactor coolant system is less yet, though modular modeling method has been widely used in the second-loop system of reactor. This paper takes the reactor coolant system of Qinshan-1 nuclear power plant as the object of study, analyses and researches on modular modeling method of reactor coolant system based on THEATRe, which is a large Thermal-Hydraulic real time simulation software developed by GSE Company and adopts NMNP (Nodal Momentum Nodal Pressure) solving method. This research establishes the modular model of the reactor coolant system equipments (including reactor core, main coolant pump, pressurizer, steam generator) using the THEATRe code. Due to each module is wrote into through different input cards, they can be solved by using their own matrix of velocity-pressure to guarantee the independence of the numerical calculation for different modular modules. THEATRe code does not have its own TDV like relap-5, meanwhile it also needs to ensure the pressurizer module can play a role in the multi-pressure node system. So this paper modifies solving method of the THEATRe source code to get suitable pressure boundary and flux boundary for RCS equipment modular module, and selects reasonable time step and data exchange frequency to achieve the data exchange of boundary pressure, flux and enthalpy among the equipment modules, which lays the foundation of establishing the real-time modular simulation model of the reactor coolant system in the future.

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