The characteristics of gas methyl iodide removed by containment filter venting system is similar with bubble column reactor, this study is focused on the absorption performance of methyl iodide in a bubble column reactor with experiment and mathematical calculations, the alkalescent sodium thiosulphate solution in a scale-up facility is used as absorber in the research. The results show that the gas methyl iodide removal efficiency is mainly influenced by the temperature of solution, system pressure, gas flow rate and liquid level respectively. In the range of 0∼80°C, the removal efficiency improve obviously with increasing temperature, while the chemical reaction process is a major factor that limiting the removal efficiency, when the temperature is higher than 80°C, the efficiency is no longer sensitive to the variation of temperature and the mass transfer process become the main limiting factors. The increase of system pressure and height of solution can enhance gas absorption process significantly, the removal efficiency improve linearly with the two parameters. However, the gas volume flow rate plays an opposite role on absorption process mainly because of the reducing on contacting time. In addition, the variation of entrance concentration has a little impact on removal efficiency. The mathematical calculations of removal efficiency fit well with experimental results in the bubble column reactor.

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