Several efforts have been considered in the development of the modular High Temperature Gas cooled Reactor (HTGR) planned to be a safe and efficient nuclear energy source for the production of electricity and industrial applications. In this work, the RELAP5-3D thermal hydraulic code was used to simulate the steady state behavior of the 10 MW pebble bed high temperature gas cooled reactor (HTR-10), designed, constructed and operated by the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology (INET), in China. The reactor core is cooled by helium gas. In the simulation, results of temperature distribution within the pebble bed, inlet and outlet coolant temperatures, coolant mass flow, and others parameters have been compared with the data available in a benchmark document published by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 2013. This initial study demonstrates that the RELAP5-3D model is capable to reproduce the thermal behavior of the HTR-10.

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