One of the key technologies for the development of the PMR200, a VHTR demonstration plant, is a verification of the reactor cavity cooling system (RCCS) performance, which ensures reactor safety by passively removing heat from the reactor cavity. A preliminary numerical analysis of the RCCS showed that the maximum temperature in RCCS reached up to 700°C. Since radiation dominates the heat transfer at such a high temperature, it should be considered in both the design and associated numerical works for the test facility. For a verification of the RCCS performance, a 1/4 scale test facility has been constructed, and a performance test is being carried out. As the first step for the design of the test facility, a scaling analysis has been performed; and the ratio of variables between the model and prototype were determined. Numerical calculations using a CFD code were also performed to support the scaling analysis. It was confirmed that the scaling analysis was reasonably correct.

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