Simulations of complex scenarios in nuclear power plants have been improved by the utilization of coupled thermal hydraulic (TH) and neutron kinetics (NK) system codes with the development of computer technology and new calculation methodology which made it possible to perform transport calculation schemes with accurate solutions. This paper presents a model for the IPR-R1 TRIGA research reactor using the RELAP5-3D 3.0.0 code. By using this code, a multi-dimensional neutron kinetics model based on the NESTLE code can be implemented also. In this way, during a 3D TH/NK coupled simulation, RELAP5-3D calls the appropriate NESTLE subroutines to perform the calculations. The development and the assessment of the thermal hydraulic RELAP5 code model for the IPR-R1 TRIGA have been validated for steady state and transient situations and the results were published in preceding works. The model has been adapted to RELAP5-3D code and was verified to point kinetic calculations. After this, adequate cross sections to the NK code were supplied using the WIMSD5 code. The results of steady state and transient calculations using the 3D neutron modeling to the IPR-R1 are being presented in this paper.

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