The AP1000® plant is an 1100-MWe pressurized water reactor (PWR) with passive safety features and extensive plant simplifications that enhance construction, operation, maintenance, safety, and costs.

Four AP1000 units are currently under construction on coastal sites of Sanmen and Haiyang, China. Additionally, the United States (US) Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued combined licenses (COLs) to allow Southern Nuclear Operating Company (SNC) & South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G) to construct and operate AP1000 plants at the existing Vogtle & VC Summer sites in Georgia and South Carolina, respectively. Although construction at both US sites is underway, the first four China AP1000 plants will become operational ahead of the U.S. Domestic AP1000 plants. Westinghouse is also actively engaged in deploying the AP1000 plant design in other regions throughout the world such as Europe. For example, the AP1000 plant design was evaluated by the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation as part of the UK Generic Design Assessment and received a statement of interim Design Acceptance in late 2011.

This paper reviews the past and on-going AP1000 plant licensing activities and discusses how the significant lessons learned gathered through the AP1000 plant worldwide deployment increase licensing certainty for any new AP1000 project.

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