HTGR, short for high temperature gas cooled reactor, has gained a lot of attention in nuclear industry. Gas helium, 7MPa in pressure, is used as primary coolant of HTR-PM in where there are a lot of electrical equipment. Insulating property of helium is worse than that of air according to Paschen curves and there are very few articles or related standards about insulating property of high pressure gas helium, which makes the electrical equipment structure design lack of basis. In this study, an experimental platform for testing insulating performance is designed, based on which the experiments of testing the withstanding voltages of penetration assemblies and the breakdown voltages of parallel plane electrodes at different pressures are carried out. The results show that for both the penetration assemblies and the parallel plane, their breakdown voltages in helium are far lower than in air under the same condition of 15°C /0.1MPa. For the penetration assemblies, their insulating properties in helium at 150°C/7MPa are better than those in air at 15°C/0.1MPa.

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