Research of nuclear reactor fuel depletion aims at development and introduction of advanced types of burnable absorbers (BA) applied within nuclear fuel. BAs compensate for the initial reactivity excess and consequently may allow for lower power peaking factors and longer fuel cycles with higher fuel enrichments.

Modern computer codes for nuclear fuel depletion calculation require a substantial amount of computational time. Therefore, any parametric calculations for BA selection need to be carried out only with a fast depletion code. The main purpose of the newly developed UWB1 code is a rapid calculation of nuclear fuel depletion, which is achieved by the approximations in the equations describing transport part of fuel depletion. Microscopic cross sections are assumed to be constant through depletion calculation steps.

The paper describes the first step of analysis using a new version of UWB1, that was accomplished with the assumption of uniformly distributed BA in fuel. BA elements, nuclides and nuclide mixtures were compared and their performance was consequently evaluated based on multiplication coefficient behavior during depletion.

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