The SCORPIO-VVER core monitoring and surveillance system has proved since the first installation at Dukovany NPP in 1999 to be a valuable tool for the reactor operators and reactor physicists. It is now installed on four units of Dukovany NPP (EDU, Czech Republic), on two units of Bohunice NPP (EBO, Slovak Republic) replacing the original Russian VK3 system and on the full scale plant training simulator at the Centre for training and education of the reactor operators and reactor physicist in Trnava (Slovak Republic). By both Czech and Slovak nuclear regulatory bodies the system was licensed as a Technical Specification Surveillance tool.

Since it’s first installation, the development of SCORPIO-VVER system continues along with the changes in VVER reactors operation. The system is being adapted according the utility needs and several notable improvements in physical modules of the system were introduced. The most significant changes were done in support of the latest optimized Gd bearing fuel assemblies, improvements in the area of core design (neutron physics, core thermal hydraulics and fuel thermal mechanics), adaptation of the system to up-rated unit conditions (uprated power up to 107%), in design and methodology of the limit and technical specifications checking and improvements in the predictive part of the system.

After the currently finished upgrades the SCORPIO-VVER is still in focus of Central European nuclear power plants with the roadmap of upgrades and modifications up to 2016.

This paper shortly describes the system’s main functions, the history of implementation at the VVER-440 type of reactors and deals with the system’s future upgrades and plans to meet the latest requirements of efficient and safety NPP operation.

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