Fuzzy logic offers better control over conventional control method. It has capability of fast execution which is useful to develop real time control system. In this work, a design of Fuzzy-proportional integral derivative (PID) controller to control the power of the high temperature pebble bed reactor (HTPBR) is presented. A simplified reactor model consisting of reactor heat balance and point kinetics model with reactivity feedback due to power coefficient of reactivity and Xenon poisoning is used. The reactor is operated at various power levels by using Fuzzy-PID controller. The Fuzzy logic eliminates the necessity of the tuning the gains of PID controller each time by extending the finite sets of the PID controller gains. Hydrogen production is considered using SI cycle. The process heat required for Hydrogen production using SI cycle is supplied by High Temperature Pebble Bed Reactor. A methodology has been developed for the production of Hydrogen. Simulation results are useful for controlling the reactor power in accordance with hydrogen production rate.

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