Double ended break of direct vessel injection line (DEDVI) is the most typical small-break lost of coolant accident (LOCA) in AP 1000 nuclear power plant. This study simulated the DEDVI (without actuation of automatic depressurization system 1–3 stage valves, accumulators and passive residual heat removal heat exchanger) beyond design basis accident (BDBA) to validate the safety capability of AP1000 under such conditions. The results show that the core will be uncovered for about 863 seconds and then recovered by water after gravity injection from IRWST into the pressure vessel. The peak cladding temperature (PCT) goes up to 838.08°C, much lower than the limiting value 1204°C. This study confirms that in the DEDVI beyond design basis accident, the passive core cooling system (PXS) can effectually cool the core and preserve it integrate, and ensure the safety of AP 1000 nuclear power plant.

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