Aiming to simulate the dynamical response of a non-ferromagnetic conductive structure in a strong magnetic field, a code of finite element method (FEM) was developed based on the reduced vector potential (Ar) method and a step by step time integration algorithm. The electromagneto-mechanical coupling effect was taken into consideration by adding ν × B term in the eddy current governing equation to calculate the additional electric field induced by the movement of the structure. The hexahedral isoparametric element was adopted in this code in order to simplify the correspondence between the simulation of electromagnetic force and the dynamical response, which enables the application of the code developed by authors to more complicated structures. To verify the validity of the new numerical code, the benchmark problem (TEAM-16) as a simplified model of Tokamak vacuum vessel structure was simulated. By numerical results contrasted between the current code and the ANSYS software, the code was proved to be more effective than typical commercial codes for structural analysis of a magneto-mechanical coupling problem. The simulation results proved that the new code can improve simulation accuracy especially in case of a large external magnetic field. In addition, the magnetic damping effect was also discussed in the paper.

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