RELAP5 is a best estimate system code suitable for the analysis of all transients and postulated accidents in Light Water Reactor systems. It was usually used to solve plant thermal-hydraulic problems on system scale. RELAP5 was used to study thermal-hydraulic behavior on component level in this paper. The Test Blanket Module (TBM) was a key component in Chinese Helium-Cooled Solid Breeder (CN HCSB) system. One sub-module of TBM was simulated by RELAP5/MOD3.4. The flow paths, Be pebbles neutron multiplier as well as Li4SiO4 pebbles tritium breeder of TBM were modeled by using hydrodynamic components models as well as heat structure models provided by RELAP5. Steady-state condition was studied and the results were compared with CFD results provided by Fluent code. The steady-state results were in consistent with CFD results when the sub-module was well modeled by RELAP5. The results showed that RELAP5 could be used to solve thermal-hydraulic problems on component scale when the component was well modeled. With a detail-modeled TBM, the transient conditions of CN HCSB system could be simulated more precisely by RELAP5.

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