The paper describes development of project of hybrid reactors fusion-fission based on compact tokamak. It can have several advantages: such tokamak because of the smallness of aspect ratio A has a smaller volume at the same power as compared with the classical tokamak. At the same time, in their design, one can use database of ITER. The paper presents the results of a long phase of work in this direction, directed to the installation of the industrial scale of interest for use in nuclear power. FNS-2 parameters are R = 2 m, a = 1 m, k = 1.7, B = 3.9 T. Calculations show at neutral injection power ∼ 45 MW, the neutron yield is ∼ 60 MW, it provides a neutron load on the blanket ∼ 0.4 MW/m2. Numerical calculations showed that channel structure blanket cooled by water will transform for the year to 80 kg of minor actinides at subject to the addition of Pu in a 1:1 ratio). When a liquid metal coolant is used, the design of the outer blanket FNS-2 is similar to the block structure of the ITER. During the year this hybrid reactor loading 60 tons of oxides of actinides can recycle 400 kg of minor actinides. This will help dispose of spent nuclear fuel more than 10 LWR-1000 reactors. In this case the thermal power is ∼ 2 GW. The pressure which provides lead pumping through a stainless steel pipe is 1.5 bar at the length of 20 cm.

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