Being an international cooperative engineering project, integration and compatibility of ITER design from numbers of different contributors worldwide is one of the crucial challenges. In order to fully integrate analysis, design, integration, and simulation of mechanical and plant design, and minimize interfaces between tools and methodologies, ITER Project developed a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) collaborative Platform for ITER Organization (IO) and all the parties to implement design collaborations. And also, ITER project standardized design activity via mandatory rules and recommendations for the design lifecycle and tool selections which are documented in the CAD Manual and other related supporting satellite documents.

ITER Chinese Domestic Agency (CN DA) as one of seven parties of ITER Project, undertakes twelve Procurement Packages to design and manufacture several ITER TOKAMAK Machine components and systems, including Magnet Support, Corrective Coils, Magnet Feeders, AC/DC Converters, Diagnostic Systems, Gas Injection System, Glow Discharge Cleaning and so on. Most of them comprise plenty of design work with different design maturities.CN DA accepts ITER design rules and standards, and performs proper deign collaboration schemes according to corresponding PA Design Collaboration Implementation Forms (DCIF).

This paper will present the status of CN DA design collaboration with IO and other DAs. It will include an overall description of design collaboration strategy and infrastructure in CN DA; the introduction of design tasks CN DA involved; and the associated organization and implementation of design collaboration schemes in specific PAs.

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