In recent years, nuclear power instruments have been developed quickly with the rapid development of nuclear power plants in China. In order to improve synthetic qualities and reliability of products and shorten period of development, many high-tech has been widely used in these instruments. LPMS is one of the typical representatives of the nuclear power instruments. LPMS is an important instrument to ensure the safe operation of the reactor. LPMS can realize the real-time monitoring of metal parts’ abnormal conditions both internal and external at key equipments of the reactor, such as the reactor pressure vessel, the steam generator, the main cooling pump and so on. LPMS has been applied in several nuclear power plants successfully. LPMS has complex functions of signal acquisition, event discrimination, data transmission and storage. In this paper, through detailed introduction of hardware design and software design, it is evident that LPMS adopts lots of high-tech. On the one hand, this paper emphasizes to expound advanced and mature technology of hardware design, such as FPGA, DSP and PXI bus and so on. To the nuclear power instruments, the application of high-tech not only improves the integration, enhances the stability and the reliability, but also makes more flexible and easier to expand functions and upgrade hardware. The application of high-tech impels the nuclear power instruments to develop towards low power consumption, miniaturization, high precision, multi-function. On the other hand, this paper introduces graphic programming language LabVIEW and virtual instrument of software design. The application of high-tech of software design decreased the difficulty of programming and shorten period of development. At the end of this paper, it seems that the application of high-tech makes the nuclear power instruments to follow closely the scientific forward position, and to further promote the steady development.

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