Camera elevator is the dominating device of the manipulator crane closed circuit TV system which is used in under constructing domestic PWR in China. The manipulator operator can use camera elevator to view refueling operation (insertion and withdrawal) and other underwater condition. This document expatiates on the independent design of camera elevator control system which is integrated on manipulate crane control system. The success of the design will provide conveniences to the operator to let him to operate both hoist and camera elevator. To contribute to the invention of manipulator crane control system in PWR, the control of camera elevator, which is the main part of the system, is developed totally. The camera elevator control system is mainly composed of power distribution part, PLC control part, HMI control part, Servo-motor drive part, position measuring part, weight measuring part and safety protection part. The control design includes requirement corresponding, electrical product selection and configuration, PLC software program development, Servo-motor drive software setting, HMI and control panel design and so on. The document is very detailed to describe the control design process and emphasizes the software development. The logic controller is consisted of two systems, one is standard logic controller and other one is safety controller. The PLC software is the most important technique which includes whole control logic of device and all interlock protect function. The Servo-motor drive software can guarantee motor has good dynamic characteristic and short response time. The HMI design can provide most of operational information, fault alarm display, interlock and bypass operations etc. The control design has been validated by lots of test to assure the camera elevator’s function is up to related specification requirement finally.

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