In this paper, taking a renovation project as an example, a training system combined of “Simulation” and “Stimulate Simulation” pattern is described. The renovated system is originally composed of a HOLLIAS MACS V6 control cabinet and several HMI workstations. The simple configuration without process equipment signals can not achieve the dynamic operation of the interface, which greatly limits the scope of the training applications. In this renovation project the RINSIM simulation platform is used to develop the process system modeling software and DCS Level 1 modeling software, which is called as the “Simulation” method. Meanwhile, a simulation DCS Level 2 is developed through the DCS HMI simulating configuration software. These two portions form a complete Simulation system. In addition, through the OPC and TCP protocol, the simulation process system modeling software and DCS Level 1 control modeling software can communicate with DCS control cabinet, which forms a Stimulating Simulation system. The two systems which can be switched to one another has a high value in use both for configuration training of I&C and maintenance staff, and also for the system process operation training of operators. This paper gives a basic description of simulation system. It also analyzes the simulation system for multiple operating modes and a variety of DCS simulating solutions, focusing on several key technical difficulties in the simulation system.

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