Nuclear power plant refueling cycle extension is an effective way of nuclear power plant to improve economic benefit. This paper, about the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant phase II 1&2 unit, combination the practical refueling period experience of 12 months refueling period was extended to 18 months, focus on the instrument calibration extension methods of the refueling cycle extension project. Instrument in nuclear power plant running plays very important role, various instruments in the extension period after extended whether their properties still remain available and reliable, require detailed and reliable demonstration. Considering the Qinshan Phase II instrument equipments are purchased from multinational nations and different manufacturers, in this paper, the various demonstration methods are analyzed and compared, from all these methods, we chose the best one as the primary method in the actual demonstration, and use the others as supplemented methods by the demonstration strategies, and the main methods are detailed in the description and examples, so these can ensure that the instrument refueling cycle extension strategy is reliability.

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