Because of the inherent safety feature, the modular high temperature gas-cooled reactor (MHTGR) has been seen as one of the best candidates for the next generation of nuclear power plants. Power-regulation is a key technique to provide safe, stable and efficient plant operation for the multi-reactor-module power plants. Based on the successful design and operation of Chinese test high temperature gas-cooled reactor HTR-10, the high temperature gas cooled reactor pebble-bed module (HTR-PM) project is proposed. Since the HTR-PM is composed of two interconnected nuclear steam supply system (NSSS), the operation strategy of the multi-reactor-modular HTR-PM is different from that of those one-reactor-modular high temperature reactors such as HTR-10. In order to design and verify the operation strategy for HTR-PM, it is necessary to establish a real-time simulation platform. The design and development of this platform is presented in this paper.

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