Touching upon that the crack fault of the rotor may occur after the reactor coolant pump (RCP) has operated a long time, the fault feature can be identified effectively by the method of the wavelet analysis. In this research, based on the simulation signal of crack fault and the method of discrete wavelet transform (DWT), the cross-correlation coefficients between the fault signal and the different wavelet basis which are selected from the wavelet basis library can be computed. After confirming the maximum of the cross-correlation coefficients, the optimal wavelet basis applied to the fault signal of the cracked rotor will be found. And the main frequency component of the fault feature is recognized by use of the wavelet packet transform (WPT) based on the optimal wavelet basis. The results of simulation illustrate that the wavelet basis selected by the maximum cross-correlation coefficients can become the optimal wavelet basis, and the fault feature of the cracked rotor can be recognized effectively.

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