With the application of nuclear technology in many fields and the development of nuclear power, the people pay more and more attention to which the radioactive substances are harmful to the human, environmental pollution and nuclear security. In order to prevent the dangers of radioactive substances on the professional staff and the public, the pollution of the environment, it is particularly important to establish a scientific and perfect radiation environment monitoring system. In this paper, the radiation environmental monitoring system based on network is designed for environment radiation situation of the original enterprise, such as the uranium mining, nuclear power plant, uranium hydrometallurgical plant, nuclear fuel processing plant. The network technology is introduced in the monitoring system which links the field monitoring system, data center service system, data transmission system and client system. the worker can control the on-site monitoring points, data acquisition and transmission in any of the network interface functions, complete displaying, analyzing and processing in the remote server, meanwhile the network power supply technology is applied in the monitoring system which can supply electricity to on-site monitoring points. According to the test, the radiation environmental monitoring system which based on network technology is easy to apply and maintain, with a certain degree of practicality and economy.

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