The power system frequency stability problem has been the focus of attention since 1920s. Primary frequency regulation (PFR) is one of vital methods to maintain frequency stability, especially when the power system suffers a sudden load disturbance, such as the substation tripping or generator outage accident. To a power system, the more power units participating in PFR, the frequency stability will be controlled better. With the rapid development of nuclear power units in China, the study of the nuclear power units participating in PFR of power system has becoming a pressing problem. In the present study, a detailed nonlinear dynamic mathematical model of the whole pressurized water reactor (PWR) nuclear power plant is built. The dynamic calculation codes are compiled to dynamic link library (DLL) files, which are developed by using FORTRAN language, and the compiled DLL files are embedded into MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation platform by using S-function, the control systems are designed and the whole system of PWR nuclear power plant is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK finally. In this method, the operation and control mode of PWR participating in PFR of power system is analyzed and simulated. The simulations results show that the PWR nuclear units are feasible in participating in PFR from safety and economy.

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