As we all know the nuclear energy is becoming more and more important in our current life, as well in the future. Considering the radiation protection, nuclear safety, security, fusion attracts more and more view of scientists compared with fission. International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) is the world’s biggest energy research project, aiming to prove the feasibility of fusion power as a possible source of safe, sustainable and abundant energy. China together with EU, India, Japan, the Russian Federation, South Korea and the USA are working together on this major research facility. It is an example of international scientific collaboration on an unprecedented scale that will provide the link between plasma physics and engineering and future commercial fusion-based power plants. ITER design and construction have resulted in new issue that how the seven members collaborate all over the earth. So the Document Management has become the indispensable part. This article according to the document management of ITER, as we all know, the IDM system analysis the key point of scan and search, document operating, security settings, process controlling and other information.

In order to progress the document management of major scientific project of fusion for China, for example the China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR), the first step we should learn from IDM of ITER. Then try to solve the current problem of IDM, such as the response speed, operating difficulty and so on.

This paper gives a conceptual design solution for the document management system of major scientific projection like CFETR including document storage, document classification and nomenclature, access control, workflow and roles setting of the system.

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