Depend on the development of technology, the interaction products have been gradually applied into public awareness in the part of Nuclear Safety. Therefore how to put the information about Nuclear Safety into entertainment produces become a crucial research direction in related industry. The study is to investigate current interaction products based on collection of related information in order to find valuable results for effective propaganda on Nuclear Safety.

After the nuclear accident happened in Japan, the popular distrust of Nuclear Energy is spreading all over the world. Due to the kind of negative voices from public in China, several Nuclear constructions have been suspended. Consequently public awareness on Nuclear Safety is supposed to gain more attention for developing Nuclear energy.

According to the investigation on current products on Nuclear Safety, the most of exhibited products are unattractive. How to integrate knowledge of Nuclear Safety into interactive technology becomes a key question. The interaction products need to be improved by designing, developing and manufacture. As a result of complex production process, one interaction product needs interdisciplinary cooperation, so that the future products could become attractively, entertainingly, effectively, pertinently from the conclusions of this research.

Generally, this study is aim to collect the information of interaction products on Nuclear Safety in the whole world, then investigate and analyze current status using appropriate research method. Finally valuable results might be presented for improving interaction products on Nuclear Safety from the whole production process.

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