In this paper, the influence of significant nuclear events on public attitude, and the reaction, i.e., public attitude on the development of nuclear industry have been studied. Though it has been widely known that nuclear is a type of clean, green and effective source of energy, due to the characteristics of nuclear, for most common people, they seldom pay attention to the nuclear power plants (NPPs) or the entire nuclear industry except NPPs are built near the residence of their own, or when some catastrophic failures occur. This fact leads to that when the public’s attention is attracted to nuclear, the effects on their attitude to nuclear are often negative. Even if there is positive news about nuclear, in most cases, the public will still be worried and prudent. That is one of the reasons why though the nuclear power related techniques has been developing rapidly, in some countries the usage of nuclear power is still quite limited.

In order to carry the development of nuclear power forward, to improve the public acceptance is as important as to improve nuclear related science and technology. This paper focuses on how the significant events related to nuclear influence the public acceptance, which will have direct or indirect effects on the development and/or policy of nuclear industry in a country, even the whole world. Additionally, this paper discusses possible and proper solutions to improve the public acceptance to NPPs and nuclear related techniques.

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