The accuracy of the nuclear cross section data is a prerequisite for the accuracy of reactor physics calculations. The RXSP(Reactor Cross Section Processing Code) which is developed by REAL (Reactor Engineering Analysis Laboratory) of Department of Engineering Physics in Tsinghua University, has changed the situation in China that nuclear cross section processing has been dependent of NJOY for a long time. The key methods such as fast Doppler broadening, thermal libraries interpolation, and OpenMP parallel acceleration, can be achieved with RXSP. This code is able to process the original data of ENDF/B (Evaluated Nuclear Data File/B) efficiently and accurately to produce the continuous energy point cross section data which is necessary for RMC. By comparing with NJOY, The microscopic and macroscopic verification shows that RXSP has the same accuracy as NJOY while RXSP has saved greatly the processing time to meet the efficient demand in the frequent reactor physics-thermal-hydraulic coupling calculations to solve the complex questions related on a large number of materials and temperature. In addition, RXSP make it available to process the resonance parameters of the R-matrix Limited format.

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